Felix Berner aka KROENEN

My first songs. KROENEN was my music project between 2007 and 2012. I created a lot of dark and dirty electro vibes during this time.

Imagine, a weird German designer and director aka KROENEN, who is rocking minds by the force of his evil and noisy sounds. His face is hidden behind a mask of darkness. KROENEN, known for his provocative appearance and attitude against mainstream artists, is telling fantastic and epic stories with his dirty and filtered music accompanied by hard guitars and orchestra melodies .

The guy behind the mask is a young designer named Felix Berner, who was born 1986 in Cologne, Germany. After finishing the German school system, he started his career as a design student of the University of Applied Sciences in Duesseldorf, Germany. Apart from his design activities, he demonstrates his talents as a director and a filmmaker.

Felix Berner aka KLARK

Dystopian and dark dirty future vibes created by Felix Berner aka KLARK. It's like a musical tale about a dangerous and wasted future with cyborgs, drugs and death. The soundtrack of a dystopian, dark and criminal future.

Felix Berner aka KRISTALLWOLF

The Dream Of Arcadia. Music by Felix Berner aka KRISTALLWOLF. Sounds inspired by Japan in general and Anime in particular.

Magical spirits in a mystical world full of heroism. Imagine a secret world with magical places and sparkling nights, with a princess in a castle, dangerous woods and an evil force on the rise, with a hero, fighting for the good, a world, somewhere, between time and space, created by your fantasies, a world called Arcadia. Be part of this musical tale – be part of this dream! Welcome...